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The future looks bright for unions

The majority of Americans approve of unions, continuing a trend after almost a decade of rising support. And it looks like that popularity could continue to grow as a recent Gallup poll shows more Americans believe unions will only get stronger in the future:

“In contrast to the incremental changes seen in U.S. adults’ support of unions over time, the new poll documents an unprecedented uptick since the prior measure, in 2018, in perceptions that unions in the country will become stronger in the future than they are today. A third of Americans (34%) believe this today, compared with 19% five years ago and no more than 25% at any time in the trend since 1999.

Unions always made sure workers got their fair share of the pie. If productivity and profits went up, they got cut in on the deal. If we want to rebuild the middle class, we need more union membership. This latest poll is a great sign we are moving in the right direction. This is so awesome. Let’s keep it going.