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Simone Biles is back and better than ever

Simone Biles brought home her eighth national all-around title last week. It’s a record-breaking victory, but that’s not the only thing that blows us away. Simone’s latest win comes after a two-year hiatus spent focusing on her mental health — a decision that was unheard of in women’s gymnastics, but Simone came back better than ever. 

Simone is more than her talent on the mat. She’s an advocate for athletes and demands accountability from the organizations that have failed to protect athletes. By taking the time to focus on her own personal well-being, she was able to lift herself up so she could go out and lift up others.

“Biles insisted on leaving her sport to take care of herself before coming back on her own terms — ignoring the rules about how things should be done. In the process, she honored her own individuality and her own humanity. That’s been a game-changer for her personally and for gymnastics. It’s been a great lesson for those of us outside the sport as well.

That’s a role model we can all get behind. The only way we can get better as a country — stop being angry about our differences and find the peace and unity we need to thrive — is if we first achieve those things as individuals. Simone leads by example on that front.


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