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America is at a dangerous crossroads. We have an existential choice to make, and our warring factions are making it more and more exhausting for Americans to participate in our essential political discourse: deciding which direction we want this great Nation to go. I am extremely concerned that our Union is hanging in the balance and is the target of our own domestic extremists who are peddling fear and hatred.

I am concerned — but I also know that we can fight back. I know that we can heal our divides with compassion. I know that we can empower the exhausted majority of Americans who want a return to normalcy, decency and compassion. I know that we can protect our Democracy and even create a more perfect Union. With all the challenges, it is important for us to have gratitude for being born at this time and in a free country that allows us to fully participate in shifting directions if we don’t like where we are going. 

Perspective is key. In three years, our nation will celebrate our 250th anniversary. This is a monumental opportunity for us to highlight our achievements as well as acknowledge our failures — and overcome them.

That’s why I founded We The People 250 Action Fund.

I have always believed that this country was built by ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It is time we focused on how we turn off the spigot of hatred and rage that is flowing all around us. We The People is going to tell stories of people, communities and ideas that capture elements of the American Spirit: innovation, freedom and kindness. We will also call out the lies spewed by the MAGA movement because truth is a foundation that we cannot let crumble. Our goal is to move forward and heal America.

Our challenges are great, but so are our opportunities. We have a lot of work to do in the United States of America, but I pledge that I will be in this fight with you — and we will win.