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Making our streets greener is good for mind, body, and soul

A growing number of volunteers across the country are helping keep their city streets green by planting and caring for local trees, and the benefits go far beyond environmental and aesthetic. 

“Thousands of people across the country volunteer to help plant, prune, and care for trees… Though the work can be hard, those who do it say it’s a labor of love. Plus, they reap the rewards of walking on greener streets. A wide body of research shows that urban green space has a positive influence on people’s well-being. For example, a 2020 study by researchers in Germany found that a higher density of street trees may reduce the likelihood of being prescribed antidepressants for some groups. As a bonus, caring for trees gives people an opportunity to make friends, spend time outside, and feel more connected to their communities.”

Read the whole story in the Washington Post.