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How a town in Ohio took on the opioid epidemic

The new documentary “Small Town Strong” follows the story of veteran Dale King and his CrossFit gym — but this gym isn’t like other gyms. After returning from Iraq, Dale found his hometown, Portsmouth, Ohio, unrecognizable — it had been devastated by the opioid epidemic. He made his gym a place for addicts to recover and carve out a brighter future. 

“[Portsmouth] was down for so long that the world deemed it past saving: another ghost city on the greasy river that separates Ohio from Kentucky. With no help from the state or federal government to count on, it was up to people like King… to piece together something that looked like progress. And so he and a cadre of off-brand saints… pitched in what money, time, and know-how they had… They stumbled onto something profound: a DIY haven for the hopelessly lost, and a potentially scalable fix for other Rust Belt cities overwhelmed by drugs.”

Read the whole story over at Rolling Stone and if you’re looking for something to watch this weekend, check out “Small Town Strong.” It’s available on a bunch of streaming platforms here.