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WTP in the Washington Examiner

Former Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan will focus on ‘exhausted majority’ in new initiative

“The centrist Democrat said the organization’s approach will be ‘very, very practical and very pragmatic” because ‘we just want to elevate the conversation and welcome people in.

While he is looking to assemble a large coalition of Americans, he won’t be tip-toeing around taking stances on issues. Ryan said the group will ‘take a strong and hostile position against these forces of hate and anger and fear and division in the country.’

‘That’s the only way for us, in my estimation, for us to allow all of this greatness happening in the country to be able to bloom and to grow,’ he said.

He explained that he is still very much a Democrat, but said that the political system is broken, nonetheless. ‘It’s broken across the board, and the fact that we have a MAGA movement in the country illustrates, pretty clearly, that here is a corrosion to our political system, and solely having political fights won’t heal that,’ he claimed.”

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