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WATCH: Our new video is about the #19GeorgiaHijackers who attacked the U.S.

Our new video is about the 19 hijackers who attacked the United States… but it might not be what you think. Check it out.

“Nineteen hijackers attacked the United States. Nineteen hijackers struck our society. Nineteen hijackers desecrated our flag. Nineteen hijackers waged war on our democracy. And they’ll conspire to do it again if we don’t take a stand.

We the people are called upon to defend from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Defend your country.”

We know this video might make people uncomfortable—that’s the point. We’re living through an uncomfortable time and being nonreactive isn’t an option.

We need everyone’s eyes on this video. Please share it on social media and help us get it to 1 million views.