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This is your invitation: Join We The People as we work together to move past the current era of broken politics, division, and malice and usher in a new era of cooperation, obligation, responsibility, and promise. “Are you, like the majority of Americans, exhausted by our broken politics? Exhausted by the rage, fear, and division…



"Hey folks, Tim Ryan here. When I conceded my Senate race, I promised that I would stay in the fight. We are at a critical time in our nation's history. We see division, anger, and a broken political system that has lost sight of the American spirit.  But despite all that, I am filled with…


Road Trip

Tim is hitting the road and you’re invited. Watch as Tim travels across the country to meet new people, showcase different perspectives, and share new ideas with real-world applications. (The video even includes Tim’s stop at a Dave Matthews concert!) "Best part about a road trip?  New places. New people. And new perspectives.  An open…