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Tim is hitting the road and you’re invited. Watch as Tim travels across the country to meet new people, showcase different perspectives, and share new ideas with real-world applications. (The video even includes Tim’s stop at a Dave Matthews concert!)

“Best part about a road trip? 

New places. New people. And new perspectives. 

An open road, with endless possibilities. 

Today I’m launching We the People. 

Let’s go.

We The People aims showcase the American spirit in action…

…tell the stories that we can unite around.

It’s about problem solvers. Not finger pointers. 

It’s about ordinary folks who are leading our country forward.


Restoring communities.

Healing our country.

We’re in search of new ideas with real world applications. 

It’s time to focus on the values that make us strong…

…compassion, decency and standing up for what’s right.

Together we can inspire, build bridges and make a difference.

Join We the People.”