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This is your invitation: Join We The People as we work together to move past the current era of broken politics, division, and malice and usher in a new era of cooperation, obligation, responsibility, and promise.

“Are you, like the majority of Americans, exhausted by our broken politics? Exhausted by the rage, fear, and division which leads us to check out and give up?

But here’s the truth. Our country needs us engaged now more than ever. 

We are the stewards of a land of astonishing beauty and grace. Soon, America will turn 250 years old but our story is just beginning. 

It is time to move past this small era of division and malice. It is time to time to awaken the American Spirit and summon the winds to renewal and reform. It is time to build again… dream again… It is time for America to meet her promise again.

We The People is the home of America’s exhausted majority… and all Americans.

We the People will take a stand. We will seek a new era of cooperation, obligation, responsibility, and promise for our children. 

We the People is open to all Americans who understand this nation is not yet perfect and that it is our duty to make it better, stronger, more just…and free.

We are Americans. Join us.”