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The first episode of “The Exhausted Majority” podcast is here!

We’re so excited about this — we launched a podcast, “The Exhausted Majority with Tim Ryan,” and the first episode is up now. We plan on going beyond the red-state/blue-state conversation that dominates today’s political conversation and digging into the good stuff happening in our country. 

In the first episode, Tim and WTP Executive Director Parker Butterworth introduce everyone to We The People, and talk about everything from what we mean when we say “the exhausted majority,” to the power of meditation and mindfulness.

“A lot of people turn on their TV and they’re like… everyone’s looking to get in a fight with somebody… So I think just acknowledging, first and foremost, that there are millions of people who are exhausted. There are millions of people who love America more than the political party they belong to. There are people who really feel like there… is a way forward.”

You can watch it up top (or listen on Spotify) and tune in for new episodes every week.