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PODCAST: Yes — we’re talking about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, too

In the fourth episode of the podcast, Tim and Parker talk about why Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s budding romance has taken the country by storm. The short answer? We’re hungry for something fun and joyful, and we’re latching on to any good thing we find.

“People are looking for happiness, for some joy, and then to see [Swift] in the box really cheering… She’s having fun, she’s with Kelce’s mom, they’re hanging out. It just seemed so genuine… I think the country is just so thirsty for some level of joyfulness and fun… and you’re certainly not getting it from politics.”

Tim and Parker also discuss the government shutdown we only barely avoided and the powerful idea of using food as medicine.

Watch the episode above (or listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts) and hit us up with any questions you have for Tim and Parker or topics you’d like to hear them discuss.