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PODCAST: Tim & Parker talk impeachment, Oliver Anthony, & more

Tim and Parker are back with episode two of our podcast, “The Exhausted Majority with Tim Ryan.” They chat about Kevin McCarthy’s impeachment inquiry, the re-emergence of U.S. steel, and the politicization of “Rich Men North of Richmond.” (Oh and this, too: When exactly is the right time to start putting up holiday decorations?)

“[Kevin McCarthy’s impeachment inquiry] is just so far beyond the pale. The fact that this sort of thing has become normalized with absolutely zero evidence… They’re literally making stuff up to try to distract, to try to hurt President Biden before the election… This is what exhausts people… You’ve got a bunch of people who are just focused on getting themselves on TV, raising money from the most extreme groups of people in the country, and nobody’s solving any problems.”

Watch the newest episode above (or listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts) and hit us up with any questions you have for Tim and Parker or topics you’d like to hear them discuss. Your question might appear in a future episode!