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Cranberry farmers take on climate change

Massachusetts cranberry farmers looking to retire came up with an innovative solution that puts their beloved land to good use for the planet. Glorianna Davenport and Evan Schulman discovered they could restore their cranberry bog back into wetlands, providing a host of benefits for the climate:

“Wetlands are effective at storing carbon and filtering overabundant nutrients like nitrogen out of water. They provide good fish habitat and are rife with opportunities for recreation. And they can serve as buffers that shield nearby communities from flooding and sea-level rise. Protecting and restoring wetlands has been a recent priority among conservationists in part because it’s hard to replicate them in places they don’t naturally occur… Eel River laid the groundwork for growers like Davenport to leave the cranberry industry without signing away the future of their land. It proved restoration was possible.”

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