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Communities are reaping the benefits of the farm-to-school movement

After a recent increase in federal dollars for farm-to-school programs, more schools are making the switch to healthy, locally sourced school lunches. The results are good for students, schools, farmers, and entire communities.

“[Derrick] Hoffman is part of a growing farm-to-school movement that is revolutionizing the humble school lunch. When Farm to School programming works as designed, kids fill their plates with fresh, nutritious food, and local farm economies get a major boost, creating a more resilient regional food supply chain.

It’s an idea that has bipartisan support, said Sunny Baker, senior director of programs and policy at the National Farm to School Network.

‘Farm-to-school is really easy,’ she said. ‘We call it a triple win. It’s a win for kids. It’s a win for farmers, it’s a win for school and the community.’”

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