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Intel’s new chip factory project is Statue of Liberty big — seriously

Intel’s new Ohio One manufacturing plant is a huge undertaking that represents the future of technology, manufacturing, and working people in not just the Midwest but the whole country. AXIOS Columbus reporter Tyler Buchanan puts the size and scope of the project into perspective:

  • Crews have already moved roughly 62,000 dump truckloads of earth.
  • Lining up those trucks at a modest 15 feet apiece would stretch from COSI to Louisville, Kentucky.
  • They’ve also moved 700,000 tons, or 1.4 billion pounds, of rock and lime.
  • That’s over 3,100 times the weight of the Statue of Liberty.
  • Construction workers have totaled 160,000 hours at the site.
  • That’s 49,230 straight viewings of “Titanic.”
  • It’s also the time it would take to continuously walk 109 round trips from Columbus to the Hollywood Sign in California.
  • Intel is investing $20 billion in the project, with the potential for much more.
  • That’s around four times the current market capitalization of the entire Wendy’s fast food chain — for one project.

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